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Two Things To Know About Baccarat

As baccarat is on the rise again, especially so online, we have decided to put together a little guide so that you can get the most out of your experience and entertainment. There are two things to keep in mind … two caveats if you may … when it comes to the game of baccarat. And as we are here to help and guide you, we will now enlighten you about these things should you be unaware of them.

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Let’s now take a look at the two things you need to be aware of whenever playing baccarat online

There are three options at baccarat, and three options only. Either you bet on the player to win, the banker or for the round to end in a tie. Once you have bet, there is nothing you can do to alter the outcome. Just like at roulette or slots.

This makes the game rather simple and narrows down the thinking by quite a lot so that you can spend your energy on being amused, thrilled and entertained. For if there are three things baccarat is particularly fantastic at it’s that golden trio.

Three baccarat options may sound convenient enough, but what if we were to tell you that the tie bet is absolutely dreadful! Baccarat is know to be one of the absolutely best casino games around – the one together with perfectly played blackjack – that offers the best chances of winning. The tie bet, however, is a real sucker’s bet. With a miserly house edge of no less than 14 percent, it is not even a slow killer, it’s strikes as lightning. You don’t need to make many such bets before your bankroll is decimated. For that reason, please, do stay far and wide away from the tie bet at baccarat. If you do play it, make sure it’s for petty amounts and for the sheer fun of it.

The banker bet is the best bet you can make at baccarat. It renders an RTP of 98,86 which is impressively high. What many players fail to notice, though, is that any win when betting on the banker at baccarat comes with a 5 percent commission. And that commission in turn usually has a minimum amount ascribed to it. For this reason, if you bet on the banker, and especially so if you play baccarat for smaller stakes, please ensure you know the minimum commission amount. Often it is set at C$1. This, however, means that you need to bet at least C$20 for the 5 percent commission to stay at 5 percent. Anything less than that and the commission automatically goes up.

Why then is that? Well, if you bet C$5 on the banker at baccarat, and where the minimum commission is set at C$1, that means you will only get C$4 back in profits if you win, which in practice means you paid C$1 out of 5, which is 20 percent (1/5) instead of 5 percent had you bet C$20 (1/20).